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A free service for cancer patients.

Based on the clinical records and cancer genetic test results you provide, we offer information on mutations, drugs, clinical information, etc., in a report format.

Please check before applying!확인해주세요.

To apply for the service, you must submit both hospital medical records and cancer genetic test results.

01. What are hospital medical records?

Hospital medical records are documents where all matters related to the disease and all actions taken by the hospital for treatment are recorded.

The following two items must be included in the medical records you provide to oncoMASTER.

Cancer-related treatment details and prescribed drugs.

Cancer tissue examination records (pathology records).

02. What are cancer genetic test results?

Cancer genetic test results are documents with recorded test results containing cancer-related genetic mutations.

Results of a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based genetic panel test from selective benefit items.

* Please contact the hospital where you visit for the issuance of documents.

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