What is NGS(Next Generation Sequencing)?

Introducing NGS Test.

What is NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)?

Next-generation sequencing is a technology that analyzes dozens to hundreds of genes simultaneously, allowing for personal genome analysis in a short timeframe. Through next-generation sequencing using gene panel testing, you can identify genetic abnormalities associated with suspected cancer diseases. This can help in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of related conditions.

검체 채취

Sample collection (tissue or blood)

NGS 유전자 검사

NGS Test

유전자 변이 여부 확인

Check for genetic mutations

분자종양보드를 통한 NGS 검사 결과 분석

Analysis of next-generation sequencing(NGS) test results through a Molecular Tumor Board

암 질환의 예방, 진단, 치료

Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Cancer

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