oncoMASTER Service

It is a personalized reporting service that provides a report based on the patient's clinical data and results from genetic tests for cancer.

Items in a personalized reporting service꾸밈

Genetic Mutation Information
We provide explanations and statistics on your genetic variation.

Drug and Clinical Information
We provide information on drugs that are effective for genetic mutations and details about ongoing clinical trials.

Service Provision Process

STEP 01Join our membership

Register for membership through the homepage using your own information.

Service target

Patients currently diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment, or those who have undergone genetic testing for cancer.

Please review the service target.꾸밈
STEP 02Document Submission
Please submit the hospital medical records and the results of the cancer genetic test.
STEP 03 Analysis of information for services
Afterward, the clinical information of the patient is analyzed, and customized data is extracted.
STEP 04 Service completed
Service delivery has been completed

If there are updates to cancer-related information, the service will be provided continuously.

Guide to Document Submission

01. Hospital medical record
A hospital medical record is a document that records an individual's illness, as well as the details of examinations and treatments performed.
To provide the best service, it is essential to collect the following information in your hospital medical record:
1. cancer-related treatment history,
2. prescription drug history, and
3. cancer biopsy records.
To receive the oncoMASTER service, please ensure that the above items are included before sending them.
02. Cancer Genetic Test Results
It is a document that records test results, including cancer-related genetic mutations, such as those from Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based genetic panel tests.

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