Company Introduction

Introducing the oncoMASTER.


oncoMASTER is a patient-centered precision medical platform for cancer.

oncoMASTER Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Korea University Medical Technology Holdings and is a precision cancer medical company established based on the achievements of the K-MASTER Precision Medical Business Group, which was selected for national medical R&D research.


Point 01"Precision Medical Services"
We collect genetic analysis data and clinical data to create a large dataset and develop tools for recommending effective treatments for cancer patients, providing personalized knowledge through "Precise K-medical services."
Point 02Big Data and AI
In the future, our goal is to develop a "medical twin system" that can predict the effectiveness of cancer treatment for patients by utilizing secure big data and AI.
Point 03We engage with various fields
We are promoting various initiatives, including providing cancer-related information to patients and gathering clinical data from them to build a database.


oncoMASTER Co., Ltd.

Business registration number: 108-87-02074 | CEO: Wooyoung Jang

Address: #305, Biz S Bldg, Seoul Biohub,117-3 Hoegiro, Seoul, 02455, ROK

Email: contact@oncomaster.co.kr

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